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You Are Still My Number One

Posted by Jay Autor on June 5, 2009 at 5:07 PM

Eighteen hours of waiting, labor, and different types of discomfort and pain, my wife with no food except for an IV (intravenous), patiently went thru the remarkable birthing process.


On June 1, 2009 11:23 pm, Luke Anthony E. Autor was born. He is the most amazing baby in the world. Of course, I have to say that, I'm his Dad! At 9 lbs 1 oz and 19" long, he was extraordinarily huge for an Asian breed, although, I have always believed of having a German Irish blood in me despite numerous reminders that the only non-Filipino ascendant of mine is of Spanish blood.


Anyway, this giant is out, and I'm just so excited to be with him all the time. He spent his first hour with me while my wife was still with the doctors. I bottle-fed him because his sugar was low (typical of big boys) and it can't wait for Mommy's breast feed. So we were there together. I sang the first two songs he is familiar with. Those were the songs we kept singing for him while he was still in the comforts of Mommy's lovely womb. Then, I quickly learned how to change diapers, how to prepare the formula for bottle feeding, how to soothe him every time a needle pricks him for blood sampling, among several other things. My attention was all on him even when Mom and baby were already reunited. I would probably call it a Father's instinct.


Everything felt good, tiresome but well worth it. Then I noticed my wife, she was still in pain. She had to undergo a C-section and was still recovering from it. I realized I spent too much time with the baby without even checking to see what Mom needs to comfort her. I realized I didn't show enough Husband instinct! And so I shifted my attention to both of them. I became the super husband-daddy. It's not easy I tell you, especially during the 18-hour saga. I had to learn how to sleep with my eyes open, because she wanted me stay awake as she tried to take short naps before the labor pains start again. They say not to mess with a pregnant woman. I tell you, don't mess with a pregnant woman in labor!


I did my best to take care of her throughout the labor process. And I realized it should not stop after giving birth. I know in my heart that I care so much about her, and my love for her is stronger than ever before. I also love my baby more than anyone knows. I love them both equally, no doubt about it. But in my heart, I know my wife is still my number one. So I hugged her and I told her exactly that. I believe it is a mystery I can't explain, because I love them both equally and yet my wife is my number one.

God reminded me of my calling. God loves his Son so much but was willing to sacrifice him for us, the Church - who is His number one. That is the kind of love he expects when two people enter into marriage (Ephesians 5:25 "Husbands, love your wife, just as Christ loves the Church and gave Himself up for her").

To all parents, I exhort you to tell your spouse that "You are still my number one." And as a couple, let us tell the Lord that He is still our number one. I believe this is the essence of marriage.

As I and my wife learn to raise our first child, may he learn to follow the teachings of His Father in Heaven - who is his number one.


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Reply lorie
11:36 PM on June 8, 2009 
Thanks for this blog dadi...I want you to know that you are my number one too. Luke Anthony is such a blessing to our family. Thanks everyone for praying for my safe delivery. Praise God for giving us our bundle of joy, Luke Anthony!
Reply Mot Saliba
11:43 PM on June 12, 2009 
Thanks Jay... good reminder... Congratulations!
Lorie- take care and get well soon... we miss you already.
Luke Anthony- see you (again) soon!
God bless...