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Carry The Cross and Do Not Complain

Posted by Jay Autor on May 2, 2011 at 10:59 PM

I would like toshare a message that I saw in a pictorial cartoon which speaks volumes of thereality of the cross that we carry today. A clever man and his fellowChristians were carrying a cross that was 7 feet long and very heavy. While ontheir way, he somehow cheated, borrowed a chain saw and cut it shorter. Stillfeeling heavy, he cut it so short that the burden was manageable – 4 feetlong. He looked fine upon nearing the finish line, while the others were almostcollapsing because of the weight of the cross. Before the finish line, therewas a land divide, exactly 7 feet long. All the others were able to use theircrosses as their personal bridges to cross over towards the finish line but his4 feet long cross was not able to bring him much further.

Lesson:God knows what cross is right for us to carry. Let us carry it with all honestyknowing that it is what we need to reach the finish line.

Another man, waspraying solemnly for a very long time. He felt very good after the prayer. Partof his prayer was “protect me Oh Lord”. After his faithfulness inprayer, he stood up and walked away when a small pebble hit his head sopainfully that he shouted in pain, “Why me Lord?” “Why do Ihave to be hit by this pebble and feel this pain after a long prayer ofprotection?” When he looked back, he saw a giant version of God facingmillions of rocks and stones to cover him from it, and said “Sorry son,I’m trying to take the hit from these boulders so you get protected, butI’m afraid I might have missed a pebble or two.”

Lesson:Look at the bigger picture and be grateful. Is your pebble comparable to thosebeing hit by the huge rocks? Those who do not even have any shelter and thosewho are about to die because of hunger?

Let us thereforebe grateful at all times. Carry our cross and do not complain. God bless youtoday.

Categories: Faith

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