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A Seed in Time by Joseph Palubeski, CR, 1983

Posted by Lorelie Autor on May 11, 2009 at 3:05 PM

A Seed in Time


A seed held precious and cherished until

The universal gardener, the soil he did till

He thrust it beneath the surface of land

Where there in cold and darkness it did stand.

The tears of his love to water it did fall,

And soon there was felt the warmth of his call.


That tiny seed in dormancy lay,

Began to sink roots into the clay,

While upward there rose a strong little stalk

Drawn to the light where the gardener did walk

With all of its energy it soaked in the rain

So that from the sun its strength might obtain.


While it was growing the gardener did prune

Whatever had sprouted complete out of tune

That little fine shoot beside water it grew,

Until in good time, to its branches there flew

The birds of the heavens who took shelter therein

While below in its shadow, the animals made din.


And then one Spring the blossoms did appear

For all to see, to smell and to hear

Producing fruit that was so very good

To nourish all that understood

And then what did remain behind

For the gardener to hold - a new seed in time.


Joseph Palubeski, CR,1983


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