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Lorelie Autor
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Hi Bros and Sis in Christ,

I just wanted to share the christian meaning of Self Esteem from David Carlson in his book Counseling and Self-Esteem (taken from Companion 2009):" Self- Esteem is the willingness to give up the center of my world and accept myself as God's creation: lovable, valuable, capable, forgivable and redeemable." He further describes self-esteem as a " feeling of being happy with myself, a positive and accurate picture of myself, a confidence that I am okay as I am."

Whatever way we view ourselves, we may despise it or love it, let us not forget the truth that we are created in the own image and likeness of God (Gen 1:26). Despite the imperfections within us, we can rejoice and be glad in the fact that we are bearers of God's image.


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Yes, indeed. I couldn't agree more.




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Jay Autor
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Nice Momi!

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Mot Saliba
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Thanks, Lorie. A good reminder and affirmation - especially  in times like these...

Take care---

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