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Jay Autor
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Hi Bros and Sis,

Please dont forget the upcoming International Conferences:

CFC Conference: July 31 - August 2 - Victoria Canada

Fee: $220.00 (per couple)

SFC Conference: September 4 - 6 - Bethesda, Maryland

HOLD Conference: September 18-20 - Montreal, Canada

Please contact Evelou Mosley

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Jay Autor
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Line, Crystal, and Gie Gie are attending the SFC Conference! (With prayers that Gie's deadline on that week will not be an obstacle). Let me know who else are coming Bros and Sis, let's represent SFC Bermuda with a BANG again same as last year!

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Jay Autor
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To all SFC Convention Participants, 

         Good morning to everyone!!!! We are happy and excited to announce that the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL IS STILL ON GOING UNTIL JUNE 15, 2009 ONLY.So that is about 10 more days to go.  Lets continue to campaign ourrespectice areas to avail of this very special promotion before it ends.


        You can either send a CHECK ( postmarked on or before June 15, 2009) or pay through PAYPAL at


        We only haveless than 3 months to go before the conference and we really encourageall regions,areas to be creative in helping our brothers and sisters who are interested to join the conference.


        Also for our COMPETITIONS, please coordinate with us in preparing  and organizingyour participation to the conference.


        For anyquestions and concern , please dont hesitate to inform us so we canbetter serve you to make this conference the best ever!!!!


       God Bless!!!!!


Mike A.

Conference 2009 Coordinator


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