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CFC commemorates The Passion by Yarril Nangcas


As in recent years, Bermuda Couples for Christ (CFC) organized a Bisita Iglesia ("Visit of Churches") to the six Catholic churches around the island on April 2, 2010, Good Friday. This was open to all friends and family of CFC members. At each church, the participants prayed the Holy Rosary and The Way of the Cross. CFC hired two minibuses to accommodate the large number of participants this year in addition to some participants who brought their cars with them.


The day started with a morning prayer at St Theresa's Cathedral in Hamilton, Bermuda with Fr. Joe Palubeski, CFC's Spiritual Director, followed by reciting The Way of the Cross Stations 1 and 2 prayers in the Cathedral. The subsequent Stations were visited in the following churches: St Michael's Church (Paget), St Anthony's Church (Southampton), St. Joseph's Church (Somerset), Stella Maris Church (St George's) and St. Patrick's Church (Smith's). The participants broke for lunch and ended the day by attending the Liturgy of the Word at St. Theresa's Cathedral.


It was a great way to celebrate Good Friday. CFC is grateful for the participants for their enthusiasm and cooperation on this event and hopes to see the same faces (and more!) at next year's Bisita Iglesia!


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